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Greetings from CEO
Dear valuable customers,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the support and cooperation from my clients since Genolution’s establishment in 2006.
It has been a long-cherished desire of mankind to live a happy life without the disturbances caused by disease. Owing to the magnificent progress of modern science, the expected life span has increased tremendously in Korea. For example, the average life span has lengthened by 19 years for both men and women, more specifically, from 58.6 to 77.6 in men and 65.6 to 84.4 in women from 1970 to 2011. However, the span of a healthy life is still only 68.79 years for men and 72.84 years for women which means there is a considerable period of suffering from various diseases regardless of gender.

Genolution was established with the ambitious motto of “Free from Disease” in order to produce molecular diagnostics products and is proud of the successful launch of its exclusive reagents as well as the Nextractor, which is regarded as one of the most efficient and economical DNA/RNA extraction instruments. We are contributing to the early diagnostics of disease by providing these products to numerous universities, university hospitals, reference labs and Institutions of Disease Research, etc. Additionally, RNA synthesis and RNAi services for Herbicide and Insecticide have been developed in the company to a considerable extent to contribute to the enhancement of domestic health.

In 2015, we successfully accomplished KONEX listing of our share in Korea Stock Exchange and realized a turnaround by making KRW 16.6MM of operating income and KRW 81.4MM of net profit. Meanwhile, Distribution Agreements with agents in China and Italy in 2016 along with our highly developed technology and R&D investments are expected to trigger sales increases internationally and domestically in the years to come.

As the CEO, I would like to proclaim that Genolution will continue to relentlessly strive to not only serve as a molecular diagnostics company, but also to act as a company-to-be of Global Life Science in order to improve the futures of our clients, shareholders and the health of humanity.

I would like to thank our valued customers and shareholders again and express my gratitude for your continuous support and cooperation.
Thank you.

Gi Ok Kim
Genolution Inc. was established in 2006 by Gi-Ok Kim, current CEO, to facilitate the sale and manufacturing of IVD products - mainly focusing on Molecular Diagnostics, RNAi services and dsRNA research for the prevention of breeding and extermination. After obtaining permission for Research Institute in 2007, Genolution invested in R&D, which resulted in a serial success of RNA synthesis in 2008 and RNAi validation in 2009 and started RNAi services in the 2nd half of 2009, which is one of the major businesses at the moment.

Afterwards, having secured ISO 13845 and permission to manufacture medical instruments in July and August 2013, Genolution set up a manufacturing factory for nucleic acid extraction instrument and launched the Nextractor in January 2014, which is considered to be one of the most efficient DNA/RNA extractors. In September 2014, Genolution started to sell 6 nucleic acid reagents including the STD extraction kit and, in August 2015, Genolution made a successful listing on the KONEX market in Korea Stock Exchange and accomplished a groundbreaking turnaround by achieving KRW 16.6MM of operating income and KRW 81.4MM of net profit in 2015.

In the 1st half of 2016, Genolution entered into contracts with several overseas distributors in China and Italy to ignite dramatic increases in sales and a considerable increase in export is expected to be realized in the near future. The company set up an ambitious long term goal of “Being a Global Life Science Group” and is making every effort to achieve this goal.
  • 08Listed on KONEX
  • 01MFDS Approval for oversea sale of TB/NTM Extraction Kit
  • 09MFDS Approval for 6 reagents including STD Extraction Kit
  • 01MFDS Approval for nucleic acid extraction instrument
  • 12Medical Instrument factory established
  • 08Obtain certificate of manufacturing medical instrument
  • 07Secure ISO13485 Certificate
  • 12Start to develop automatic nucleic acid extracting instrument and reagents
  • 08Launching RNAi service          
  • 01Approval for Research Institute
  • 06Approval for Venture Certificate
  • 02Genolution established