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Genolution Inc. conducts manufacturing/service business such as IVD Medical Instrument mainly focused on Molecular Diagnostics, RNAi (Ribonucleic Acid Interference) related products and services, and etc
IVD Medical Instrument Business
Instrument which makes it possible to extract nucleic acid quickly and efficiently from various and plenty of samples
Reagents which facilitate extraction of DNA/RNA from samples collected from human body (Urine, Swab, Sputum, Blood, Plasma, Serum, etc.)
Reagents for extracting DNA/RNA of pathogenic using Real Time PCR
RNAi Business
siRNA/shRNA synthesis service to inhibit gene expression and other gene related service
long dsRNA synthesis to inhibit gene expression by injecting RNA into various living organism (Inhibition of gene expression for development of herbicide/insecticide)